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Investment Policy Development

Except some large institutions, few investors in Pakistan use a systematic approach to investments. However, the market is developing in sophistication and demand for services that will allow the client to better control risks and enhance the returns (risk adjusted) is increasing.

One of the first steps in developing a long-term successful investment portfolio is to develop a well structures investment policy. Investment policy plays a vital role in making the client think of the target return, constrains and the risk appetite.

The investment policy development includes both operational and investment issues. Unicap Modaraba assists its clients on both fronts. On the operational issues, assistance is provided on opening accounts and help in understanding the salient features such as the cost of opening accounts, control of the account and the frequency of reporting provided by the asset manager/account manager. While on the investment side, the Unicap Modaraba works closely with the client in developing an appropriate level of risk balance, asset allocation, rebalancing and performance benchmark for the portfolio. The level of sophistication of the client determines the kind of service offered to him. Not all clients are same and it is vital to make the solutions tailored to their requirements. Unicap Modaraba works closely with its client in understanding these requirements before offering solutions and services.

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