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Major Business Activities

UNICAP Modaraba is operational in accordance with the Shariah compliant business modes prescribed in the Object Clause as Part V of the Prospectus of Unicap Modaraba duly approved by the Religious Board at the time of its floatation in 1991.

UNICAP Modaraba under the new management envisages to focus particularly on the following areas:

  • Islamic Financing Modes:

    1. Finance Leveraged Trading under approved model contracts and modalities for Modaraba, Bay al- muajjil, Bay al-salaam, Istisna and other permitted modes;

    2. Murabahah, including diminishing Morahabah and syndicate Murahabah;

    3. Ijarah for various types of assets;

    4. Mudarabah of short, medium, or long term for Shariah compliant investments and business activities.

    5. Musharakah, in its various admissible forms.

  • Investment in Shariah compliant Securities and management of portfolios, advisory and intermediary services and other related activities;

  • Engaging in mercantile, trading, import, export, services or manufacturing activities;

  • Project financing and participation in various developmental enterprises;

  • Acquisition and restructuring of potentially viable businesses

  • Generally engaging in other admissible modes of businesses with requisite expertise, resources and infrastructure.

Description of Business

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